The Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation is the trustee of the traditional land of the Ang Gnarra people, which is the country in and around the township of Laura on Cape York Peninsula.


One of our key responsibilities is to support and advise on matters relating to the preservation, conservation and stewardship of the cultural heritage of the Quinkan Country, which was inscribed on the National Heritage List on 10 November 2018. We also prioritise land management and caring for country.

Our people have lived on this land for thousands of years. Their stories are painted and etched into the sandstone escarpments and caves that rise above the lowlands. The rock art galleries of Quinkan Country are listed by UNESCO as being amongst the top 10 rock art sites in the world. They document our legends and spirit people. They are places of deep historical and spiritual value to us. 

We work to care for our country, history and culture. To provide a pathway for the next generation to stay on country, with employment and training opportunities.

We welcome you to visit Laura and the Quinkan Country. To stop, stay and experience Australia’s largest and oldest rock art galleries. To gain an understanding of our heritage and culture, on a guided rock art gallery tour. To see the land through our eyes.

This is our place. Our country. The country of our ancestors. The spirits of the ancestors live here. In the rocks, those sand stone escarpments. Our ancestors made that art you see on the rocks. The pictures and paintings of the past are our link with the present. This is our country.

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